Percaya Gak Percaya Ini Adalah Dagu Manusia !!!

Udah pernah liat Kreatifitas unik dari Dagu Manusia Belum?Kalo belum Liat neh Gambarnya,,Lucu deh,,,

Spoiler for Cigar break: King of the big smoke:

Spoiler for Hat’s the way to do it: Heading off a chill:

Spoiler for Blonde bombshell: Miss Piggy shows off her new barnet:

Spoiler for Blue-eyed wonder: A close-up inspection is more revealing:

Spoiler for Chin up: Santa could do with extra help this year:

Spoiler for
A bit shady: But on the face of it a good disguise

Spoiler for
An eye for a good hat: And a head for fashion

Spoiler for Undercover pirate? He looks pretty hairy:

Spoiler for Tartan smile: Dressed up for the Highlands:

Spoiler for Sweet enough to eat: A sugary delight:

Spoiler for Festive: Fluttering her eyelashes for Christmas:

Spoiler for Clean shave? Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin:

Spoiler for sweet: